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Not root ssh access, but ssh access. – Jojo Coana Dec 8 '15 at 17:30 Very late response, but for other searchers: computer programming questions like this should rather be asked at StackOverflow.com (they actually have a Moodle tag) – Ochado Apr 29 '18 at 2:13 Apr 19, 2018 · If you can’t connect, investigate the cause by checking the SSH log file – /var/log/secure . If you can’t fix the issue, undo the actions from 6.(editing the file /etc/pam.d/sshd) and 7.(editing the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config) to be able to connect only with the password. SSH access on volumio. When SSH is activated on Volumio (see below how to) you can access your device using: From Windows: Putty. From Linux: commande ssh from a terminal. From MacOs openssh. Once it is ready, use to log in: user: volumio. password: volumio. Example (linux) : ssh [email protected] Type Enter. It retruns: [email protected] ...

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On the left, scroll down and click the "+" sign beside the ssh option. Go to X11 window and check the "Enable X11 forwarding" box, then press "Connect". Now login with your University username and password Hosting Service Optimized for Moodle. Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.

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Compute Engine delivers configurable virtual machines running in Google’s data centers with access to high-performance Allow/Deny Specific Users to Login via SSH on Ubuntu 18.04. Allow Specific Users to Login via SSH on Ubuntu 18.04. In order to allow specific users or a specific group of users to login to an Ubuntu 18.04 system via SSH, AllowUsers or AllowGroups options can be used in SSH daemon configuration file, /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

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The Moodle learning platform is an open-source product used by institutions around the world. Hope College Computing and Information Technology Durfee Hall 110 East 10th Street Holland , MI 49423 This free SSH testing tool checks the configuration of given server accessible over internet. We don't ask you for any login or password, this service only returns information available during SSH handshake - notably supported encryption and MAC algorithms, and an overview of offered server public keys.